A Clever Woman - Credits

2023 film which follows the emotional homecoming of two sisters, performance artists Phoebe (Tanya Myers) and Dot (Josie Lawrence) following the death of their mother, a composer and musician.  Set on the Isle of Wight the film sees them return to their chilhood home one year after her death, as they prepare a musical performance piece as a memorial to their mother, which unpacks their complex relationship and her complicated legacy. 

James Northcote plays Tom, a musician and flautist who has been house sitting in their mother's home and has repaired her Steinway pianola.  He plays it for Phoebe and Dot as they practice their mother's song 'A Clever Woman'. 

The film also starred Anna Mottram as Monica, who co-wrote the film alongside director Jon Sanders. Premiered as part of the official selection at the 2022 Edinburgh Film Festival.

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