Carnival Row - Credits

Orlando Bloom and Cara Delevigne star in this Amazon Prime Victorian fantasy drama filled with mythological creatures who co-exist alongside humans.  Bloom plays a human detective who starts an affair with Vignette Stonemoss, a fairy played by Cara Delevigne.  Their world is torn apart when a string of brutal murders reveals a terrifying monster.

Arty Froushan also starred Jonah Breakspear, the son of the Chancellor who waltzes through life as a socialite and womaniser, with no cares and responsibilities. However, in Season Two he finds himself as de facto Chancellor of the Burgue, governing alongside his rival and lover (and half-sister) Sophie, who he allows to control him.  Chloe Pirrie played Dahlia, the faerie leader of the vigilante group the Black Raven, in both seasons. 

Nominated for 3 Emmy Awards in 2020. 

Voiceover Artists