Festen (Almeida & Lyric, West End, 2004) - Credits

Almeida Theatre production of David Eldridge's English Language adaptation of Festen, which then ransferred to the West End's Lyric Theatre.  The play was based on the Dogme film and play by Thomas Vinterberg, Mogens Rukov and Bo hr. Hansen. The play is set in an opulent hotel in the Danish countryside to celebrate the 60th birthday of Patriarch Helge Klingenfelt with his family.  However his son Christian reveals a dark family secret leading to a dramatic night no one will forget. 

Tom Hardy and Jonny Lee Miller starred in the original production at the Almeida, with Rory Kinnear joining the cast for the Lyric production.  Jane Asher and Claire Rushbrook starred as Helge's loyal wife Elsa and daughter Helene respectively.  


Voiceover Artists