Old Bridge (Bush Theatre 2021) - Credits

Tells the story of Mina, a local Yugoslav girl from the town of Mostar, who falls in love with Mili, a boy from out of town, when she sees him jump off the town's 'Old Bridge'.  But 4 years later Mostar has been devastated and their lives and future are torn apart as the Yugoslav War rages around them.  The play is an epic love story set against the real backdrop of the war that Europe forgot and tells of the lives and losses of those that lived through it. 

Written by British-Bosnian writer Igor Memic, this bold, beautiful, heart-wrenching play won the 2020 Papatango New Writing Prize.  

Starring Saffron Coomber as Mina and Dino Kelly as Mili, the production ran at the Bush Theatre, London, in November 2021. 

Voiceover Artists