Vesper - Credits

Immersive sci-fi movie from Signature Entertainment about a 13 year old girl and her father Darius who are struggling to survive after the earth's ecosystem collapses, leaving a strange apocalyptic world behind.  

The film stars Raffiella Chapman as Vesper and Richard Brake as her ailing paralysed father Darius who communicates with her through a drone that acts as a mechanical vessel for his mind and voice and allows him to accompany Vesper on her exploits. 

Eddie Marsan stars as Jonas, Darius's dangerously predatory brother. 

The film was praised by critics with Variety calling it "a dazzling and strikingly designed futuristic fairytale" and The Playlist declaring it as "exceptional". Polygon said "Vesper is a rich pleasure: a familiar enough story, but told with a thousand creepy, vibrant, crawling grace notes". 


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