Windfall (Southwark Playhouse, 2023) - Credits

A "violent, crazy, hilarious, bloody" comedy, which had a critically acclaimed run in New York in 2022, before premiering in the UK at the Southwark Playhouse in 2023. 

The play tells the story of five downtrodden office workers who are pushed to the edge by their maniacal boss, and decide to risk it all on a five-hundred-million-dollar lottery ticket in the hope of a better life.  But money changes everything… Co-workers become accomplices, lovers become rivals, and friends become enemies, as the prospect of winning brings out the very worst in everyone.

Jack Bennett starred as Glenn Brannon who is the boss of Brannon Data Entry. He’s controlling, scheming and volatile. He treats his staff like animals, whilst their shortcomings cause him a string of stress-related ailments. It seems his one pleasure is bringing misery to their lives.

The play is directed by Mark Bell, known for directing the West End hit 'The Play That Goes Wrong'. 

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