Wolf - Credits

BBC 6-part crime drama based on Mo Hayder’s acclaimed Jack Caffery novels.  Starred Ukweli Roach as Detective Inspector Jack Caffery who is hunting the murderer of his 10-year old brother in the 1990s.   Also starred Sacha Dhawan as D.I. Honey who, along with his partner D.S. Molina (played by Iwan Rheon), arrives at the Welsh country house of the wealthy Anchor-Ferrers family to investigate some strange goings-on.  However it soon becomes clear that Honey & Molina aren't quite what they seem and suddenly the story turns very dark. 

What follows is a nail-biting and deeply disturbing drama.  Juliet Stevenson, Iwan Rheon & Sian Reese-Williams also star. Karl Johnson played Colonel Frink, the father of a murdered girl from a previous case which Jack starts to re-investigate.

From the producers of Sherlock. 

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