20s-30s, American
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Hannah is a British-American actress with a wealth of impressive TV & film credits to her name.

She has a major role in the 'The Gray House', a 6-part series set during the American Civil War, which will hit our screens in 2024. The series is produced by Kevin Costner and Morgan Freeman and focuses on the unsung women who turned the tide of the American Civil War in favour of the North. She will play the role of Clara Parish. 

Recently she had a recurring role in Series 4 of Westworld and she starred in the feature film 'Two Sinners and a Mule' on Amazon Prime. 

She is particularly known for her leading role in all 12 episodes of Prime US drama ‘Mercy Street’. 

Other notable credits include ‘Outlander’ on Netflix and ‘Supergirl’ on CBS/The CW, and she also guest starred in an episode of Chicago Med on NBC. She currently splits her time between London and LA.

Hannah was raised in Virginia and has a neutral American accent. She can slip into a perfect Southern States American accent if required, both rhotic and non-rhotic. Hannah can also do a good neutral/RP English.

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The Gray House (TV, 2024) – 'Clara Parish', Paramount
Two Sinners and a Mule (Film, 2023) – 'Nora', Amazon Prime
Westworld (TV, 2022) – 'Temperance Clementine', HBO/Sky Atlantic, Series 4
Chicago Med (TV, 2021) – 'Megan', NBC/Sky One, Series 6
Supergirl (TV, 2019) – 'Maeve Nal', CBS/The CW
Outlander (TV, 2017) – 'Lady Geneva Dunsany', Starz/Amazon, Series 3
Mercy Street (TV, 2016-2017) – 'Emma Green', PBS/UKTV

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