20s-30s age range

Browse voiceover artists with voices who fall into the 20s-30s age range

Rhael 'LionHeart' Cape
20s-30s, London
Edward Ashley
20s-30s, Northern, Neutral, Manchester, RP
Tosin Cole
20s-30s, London, M.L.E., British American
Sophie Cookson
20s-30s, Neutral, RP
Sọpẹ́ Dìrísù
20s-30s, London, Neutral, M.L.E., West African, Nigerian
Ouidad Elma
20s-30s, French, Moroccan, Arabic
Chinenye Ezeudu
20s-30s, Neutral, London, M.L.E.
Nathan Foad
20s-30s, Nottingham, East Midlands, Multiple
James Frecheville
20s-30s, Australian, British American, Neutral, Southern Irish, Multiple
Bayo Gbadamosi
20s-30s, London, Neutral, M.L.E., West African, Nigerian
Dinita Gohil
20s-30s, Birmingham, Neutral, RP, Indian
Evanna Lynch
20s-30s, Southern Irish, Dublin, Mid Atlantic, American
Genesis Lynea
20s-30s, Neutral, London, RP, Bermudian, American, Mid Atlantic, M.L.E.
Agness Nyama
20s-30s, American, Southern States American, South African, Congolese, Nigerian, Zambian
Jessye Romeo
20s-30s, Neutral, RP, M.L.E., Antiguan, Caribbean, London
Sophia Thakur
20s-30s, London, Neutral
Callum Turner
20s-30s, London, Neutral, RP