20s-30s, Neutral, RP, Indian, Punjabi, South Asian
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Manpreet Bambra is a British Asian actress who can be seen in 2023 in two major new comedy series: Sky’s ‘Funny Woman’ and ITVX’s ‘Count Abdulla’.   She plays Anya in ‘Funny Woman’ which was based on the book by Nick Hornby and stars Gemma Arterton.  ‘Count Abdulla’, follows Abdulla, a British Pakistani Muslim junior doctor who is bitten by a vampire, with Manpreet playing his best friend, fellow junior doctor and unrequited love interest Amrita. 

She is recognisable for her leading role in Emmy nominated Netflix teen drama ‘Free Rein’ in which she played Jade, starring in all 3 seasons between 2017-2019. 

She played a Young Aunt Sharanjit in the BAFTA nominated 2017 BBC film ‘The Boy with the Topknot’ and she played Hannah in 2018 comedy horror film ‘Ravers’, about an illegal rave that turns into a living nightmare. 

She has appeared in some hugely successful CBBC shows including playing the recurring role of Katie Lord in Russell T. Davies ‘Wizards Vs Aliens’, a major role in the CBBC BAFTA Children’s Award winning ‘So Awkward’ as well as the BAFTA and RTS winning series ‘Secret Life of Boys’.

She naturally speaks with a neutral accent but growing up in a Punjabi family means she also has an excellent Indian/Punjabi accent and can also speak Punjabi. She also used an American accent in the film ‘Ravers’. 

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Count Abdulla (TV, 2023) – 'Amrita', ITVX
Cha (Animation, 2023) – 'Simran'
Funny Woman (TV, 2023) – 'Anya', Sky Original
Secret Life of Boys (TV, 2019) – 'Amy', CBBC, Series 4
Free Rein (TV, 2017-2019) – 'Jade', Netflix
Ravers (Film, 2018) – 'Hannah',
The Boy with the Topknot (Film, 2017) – Young Aunt Sharanjit, BBC
So Awkward (TV, 2016) – 'Jade', CBBC, Series 2
Wizards vs. Aliens (TV, 2012-2014) – 'Katie Lord', CBBC, Series 1-3

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Animation: Cha (voice of Simran)