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Ouidad Elma is a French-Moroccan actress. She is best known in the UK for her role in the BBC One drama series ‘The Last Post’ which also starred Jessie Buckley, Stephen Campbell Moore and Ben Miles.  She also appeared in the TV mini series ‘The Red Tent’ alongside Minnie Driver, Rebecca Ferguson and Iain Glen.

In 2021 she had a role in ‘The Last Mercenary’, with Jean-Claude Van Damme, and ‘Miss Willoughby and the Haunted Bookshop’ which starred Nathalie Cox, Caroline Quentin and Kelsey Grammar.  Previous to that she appeared in the film 'Killing Jesus' and the FX/HBO series 'Tyrant'. 

She has appeared in a number of French-speaking TV shows & movies, such as in French TV comedy ‘Demi Soeurs’, movie short ‘La Lisiere’,  and 2019 drama movie ‘Amin’.  She also starred in Moroccan series ‘El Ghoul’ and has had roles in a number of series on the Arabic streaming service Shahid. 

Recently she has had roles in 3 feature films - The Curse (2023), Empreintes Du Vent (in France) and horror film Don't Watch (2023). 

Ouidad is gifted in languages. She grew up in Paris speaking bi-lingual French & Moroccan. She can speak French with a Moroccan accent or Moroccan with a French accent. Along with Moroccan, she has learned multiple Arabic languages; Egyptian Arabic, Syrian Arabic, Saudi Arabian & Yemeni Arabic. She speaks English with a French accent, Spanish & some German. She spends her time between London, Paris & Morocco.

Please watch her Last Post clips below to hear her Arabic accent.

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Miss Willoughby and the Haunted Bookshop (Film, 2021) – role t.b.c., MSR Media
The Last Mercenary (Film, 2021) – 'Farah', Netflix
The Last Post (TV, 2017) – 'Yusra Saeed', BBC One
The Red Tent (TV, 2014) – 'Abi', Lifetime

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Visual Showreel: English w/ Arabic Accent
Visual Showreel: French + English
Visual Showreel: French
La Lisiere (The Edge): French