20s, American, Neutral, RP, Southern States American, German
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Mara Huf is a London based, American-German actor who can currently be seen in Apple TV+’s 2023 film ‘Tetris’, which tells the true story of the legal battle to secure the intellectual property rights to the infamous computer game.  She plays Tracy who introduces star, Taron Egerton to the game.  She was nominated as Best Supporting Actress at the National Film Awards 2023 for the role. 

She had a small role in Prime Video’s film ‘The People We Hate at the Wedding’ and prior to that appeared in the BBC Two sitcom ‘Toast of Tinseltown’. 

She trained at the Royal Birmingham Conservatoire where she had a number of major roles including starring as Bonnie Parker at the Birmingham Repertory Theatre’s production of ‘Careen - The True History of Bonnie & Clyde’. She is a trained dancer who has performed at the Brit Awards. 

She has animation experience, voicing content for BBC Bitesize, and she will also feature in the highly anticipated Lego Football video game which is due for release soon. 

Her multi-race, multicultural background gives her a unique identity, with influences from a number of ethnicities including German, African-American, Native American and Caribbean.  She naturally speaks with an American accent and can easily switch to neutral British.  She can also speak with a Southern American accent, learned from her grandparents.   She is a native German speaker and can speak English with a German accent. 

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Tetris (Film, 2023) – 'Tracy', Apple TV+
The People We Hate at the Wedding (Film, 2022) – 'Billie', Prime Video
Toast of Tinseltown (TV, 2022) – 'Waitress', BBC Two

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