20s-30s, Maltese, European, French, Italian
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Marama Corlett is an award-winning Maltese actress who starred in the BBC punk-rock comedy thriller ‘The Watch’ inspired by Terry Pratchett’s ‘Discworld’.  Prior to that she starred as Ruby, opposite Karl Pilkington, in Series 2 of the Sky Original Comedy ‘Sick of It’.

In 2023 she played Theta, a member of a drug fuelled gang of murderous hippies, in an episode of 'Black Mirror' entitled 'Beyond the Sea', directed by IFTA winning Irish director John Crowley. 

She had a role in Series 2 of the BBC drama ‘His Dark Materials’ in 2020 and in 2019 she guest starred in Series 7 of the long running Cinemax/Sky One action thriller series ‘Strike Back’ in which she appeared as a rogue Russian officer. In 2017-18 she starred alongside Rupert Grint, Nick Frost and Lindsay Lohan in Sky One’s black comedy series ‘Sick Note’.  

She appeared alongside David Morrissey in the BBC sci-fi drama ‘The City and The City’ as well as starring as Aki, one of the leads in SyFy’s dystopian thriller series ‘Blood Drive’. 

She starred as one of the leads, Rina, in the Sky One TV action adventure series ‘Sinbad’.  Other major credits include 'Guardians of the Galaxy', the award winning 2014 British film 'The Goob' and feature film 'Maleficent'. 

On stage, Marama was in Ian Rickson’s West End production of  ‘The Children’s Hour’ alongside Keira Knightly, Elizabeth Moss and Ellen Burstyn.  She played the role of Betty Parris in the 'The Crucible' at The Old Vic Theatre with Richard Armitage.
In 2017 she won ‘Best Actress’ at the New York Independent Film Festival for her lead role in the short film ‘Afterword’. 

Marama has a native Maltese accent which could also be conceived as general European/Mediterranean. The Maltese language is a Semitic language deriving from Sicilian Arabic and has both Italian and Arabic influences. She is first language English as well as Maltese and can speak conversational Italian. Marama can make small changes to her accent and sound French, Italian, Icelandic/Nordic or Russian. 

Age Range



Maltese, Italian


Black Mirror (TV, 2023) – 'Theta', Netflix, Series 6
The Watch (TV, 2021) – 'Corporal Angua von Uberwald', BBC
His Dark Materials (TV, 2020) – 'Katja Sirkka', BBC One, Series Two
Sick of It (TV, 2020) – 'Ruby', Sky One, Series Two
Strike Back (TV, 2019) – 'Natasha Petrenko', Sky One/Cinemax, Series 7
The City and The City (TV, 2018) – 'Rebecca', BBC
Sick Note (TV, 2017-2018) – 'Linda', Sky One/Netflix
Afterword (Film, 2017) – 'Young Woman'
Blood Drive (TV, 2017) – 'Aki', SyFy
The Crucible (The Old Vic, 2016) (Theatre, 2016) – 'Betty Parris', The Old Vic
The Goob (Film, 2014) – 'Eva', BBC FIlms
Guardians of the Galaxy (Film, 2014) – 'Pit Lane Boss', Marvel Studios/Walt Disney Pictures
Desert Dancer (Film, 2014) – 'Mona' (Iranian accent)
Maleficent (Film, 2014) – 'Servant', Walt Disney Pictures
Sinbad (TV, 2012) – 'Rina', Sky One
The Children's Hour (Harold Pinter Theatre, 2012) (Theatre, 2012) – 'Lois Fisher', Harold Pinter Theatre
The Devil's Double (Film, 2011) – 'Hennahead', Lionsgate

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Showreel Videos

As Rebecca in The City and The City
As Ruby in Sick of It Series 2
As Ruby in Sick of It Series 2
Starring as Betty Parris in the 2016 Old Vic production of The Crucible
As Aki in Blood Drive
As Corporal Angua von Uberwald in The Watch
Documentary Narration: Belt Kapitali (Lovin' Malta) (in Maltese)