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Harriet Dyer is a Cornish comedian, writer and mental health advocate known for her quirky, original and offbeat brand of comedy. She has gigged all over the world and has recently become resident MC at ROFL Comedy Club, Sheffield and at the multi award-winning mental health comedy night she founded, ‘Barking Tales’ in Manchester.

In 2023 she embarked on her first major UK tour with her show 'Mother', after a successful 5-day limited run at the Edinburgh Festival.  "Harriet Dyer is everything I love about the Fringe. Where else could you be in a basement full of people applauding moth impressions? Nowhere, that’s where" - ★★★★ Broadway Baby.  The tour covered 6 UK venues including Manchester, Sheffield and Bristol before returning to her home county of Cornwall for a show in St Agnes. 

In 2022 she performed her stand-up show 'Trigger Warning' at the Gilded Balloon Patter Hoose for the whole month of the Edinburgh Festival. It was one of the 'must see' shows of the Festival, described as “incredible”, ‘hilarious” and “mesmerising” by audiences.  She received 5-star reviews from One4Review - “This is a fabulous hour from a delightful comedian with a sense of the joyful absurdity of life. Entirely charming” as well as from Neurodiverse Review - "We shouldn't underestimate the importance of Harriet Dyer's show”.  They also awarded her their inaugural Neurodiverse Representation Award. She featured in Marie Claire and Vogue as a festival highlight. One fan said “I came out changed and hopeful...I am in absolute awe”. 

Prior to this she has had another three critically acclaimed solo shows at the Festival; two of which were featured on BBC Live At The Fringe. In 2017 she was part of the prestigious Big Value Showcase for Just The Tonic which is an established showcase of the best of the new comedic talent.

In 2020 she published her debut book, 'Bipolar Comedian’ a "funnier than it should be, honest tale of a bipolar, working class girl from Cornwall who overcame an awful lot of trauma to become an award winning comedian and mental health advocate".  She’s also written recently for both seasons of Jon Richardson's Channel Hopping on Comedy Central.

She’s featured on Sarah Millican's, ‘Elephant in the Room’ on BBC Radio 4, Russell Howard & Friends and Jon Richardson & Friends (both on stage). Her comedy has been regularly featured on BBC Radio 4 Extra, she’s been a guest host on The Jason Manford Show on Absolute Radio as well as being interviewed on Helen Lederer's ‘Knock Knock’ and Russell Kane's ‘Evil Genius’ podcasts.

Harriet has bipolar and a lot of her comedy covers her experiences within her mental health journey. She has an award-winning specialist show on mental health that she does at a lot of corporate events. 

She grew up in Truro and has a natural Cornish or West Country accent.

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Mother (Stand-Up Comedy, 2023) – 'Self', Leeds Comedy Festival, Edinburgh Festival, UK tour
Trigger Warning (Edinburgh Festival, 2022) (Theatre, 2022) – 'Self', Edinburgh Fringe Festival
Barking Tales (Theatre, 2019-) – 'Self', Zombie Shack, Manchester
Harriet Dyer: The Dinosaur Show (Theatre, 2019) – 'Self', Edinburgh Fringe Festival
That's Not a Lizard, That's My Grandmother (Theatre, 2019) – 'Self', Edinburgh Fringe Festival
Harriet Dyer: Dyergnosis Murder (Theatre, 2017) – 'Self', Edinburgh Fringe Festival
Harriet Dyer: Barking Tales (Theatre, 2016) – 'Self', Edinburgh Fringe Festival
Harriet Dyer: We'd Prefer Someone a Bit More Mainstream (Theatre, 2016) – 'Self', Edinburgh Fringe Festival
Harriet Dyer: Barking at Aeroplanes (Theatre, 2014) – 'Self', Edinburgh Fringe Festival
Ain't It Awkward with Harriet Dyer and Freddie Farrell (Theatre, 2013) – 'Self', Edinburgh Fringe Festival
Harriet Dyer (plus the odd pal): What a Palaver (Theatre, 2012) – 'Self', Edinburgh Fringe Festival

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