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Shai is an exceptionally versatile actor and voiceover artist based in the UK, with a US/Mid Atlantic accent.  Most recently he has appeared in Series 2 of Sky’s hit comedy ‘Brassic’ as well as the TV adaptation of Joseph Heller’s novel ‘Catch 22’ (Hulu/Channel 4) directed by George Clooney.  He has played characters with a range of nationalities including American, Argentinian, Italian, British and Spanish on shows such as ‘Manhunt’ (ITV), ‘Stan Lee’s Lucky Man’ (Sky), ‘I Live with Models’ (Comedy Central) and ‘Coronation Street’ (ITV).  

His character ability is enormous and he excels in both animation and video games.  He currently voices the role of ‘Dollop’ in Amazon Prime’s children’s animation series ‘Jessy and Nessy’.  His extensive experience includes Disney and Playmobil ‘Top Agents’ on YouTube. Shai's video game credits include ‘Cyberpunk’, ‘Star Wars’, ‘Assassins Creed’, ‘Ghost Recon’ and ‘Dragon Quest XI’ in which he voices the fan-favourite, South American inspired character ‘Sylvando’. 

His voice ranges from a rich warm tone to zany characters, from soft to hard-sell and from friendly and funny to authoritative.  He plays characters aged from 20 to 40+.  He has voiced promos for a large number of major TV channels including Nickelodeon, CNN, Channel 4, Sky Sport, MTV, E4, Disney and SyFy.

Shai's native accent is US/Mid-Atlantic and he has endless experience in a number of other accents including RP/Neutral, French, Spanish, South American/Latino, German, New York and Arabic.

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Jessy and Nessy (TV, 2020-2021) – Voice of 'Dollop', Amazon Prime
Brassic (TV, 2020) – 'Paolo', Sky One, Series Two (Spanish accent)
Catch 22 (TV, 2019) – 'Schultz', Hulu
Manhunt (TV, 2019) – 'Arthur Forster', ITV, Series One (Neutral UK Accent)
Lucky Man (TV, 2017) – 'Aiden Ramsay', Sky One, Series 2 (Neutral UK Accent)
Coronation Street (TV, 2016) – 'Pablo Duarte', ITV (Argentinian accent)

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Showreel Videos

Visual Showreel
Visual VO Character Showreel
Interview: Dragon Quest XI, Sylvando
Video Game: Dragon Quest XI, Sylvando (2.35)
Video Game: Dragon Quest XI, Sylvando (0.30)
Animation: Playmobil 'Agile' (1.01), Capt. 'Fisheye' (2.57)