24: Live Another Day - Credits

Also known as Season 9 (or Day 9) of the hit TV series 24 which aired in 2014.  Set 4 years after he went on the run at the end of Season 8, Jack Bauer surfaces to warn of an imminent atttempt on the President's life but is captured by the CIA in London.  Starring Kiefer Sutherland, Tate Donovan, Yvonne Strahovski, and Benjamin Bratt.  Miranda Raison starred as Caroline Fowlds, an aide to the British Prime Minister (played by Stephen Fry).  Sacha Dhawan played Naveed Shabazz, the son-in-law of one of the lead terrorists, who bravely refuses to pilot the stolen drones and attack the USA. Tom Christian also appeared in the series as Agent Nash, part of the team trying to apprehend Bauer. Nominated for 3 Emmy Awards. 

Voiceover Artists