Cobra - Credits

Sky Original political drama starring Robert Carlyle as Prime Minister Robert Sutherland.  After a massive solar flare strikes Europe, there is total chaos as the UK is left without electricity and the government's COBRA team have to decide where to distribute their limited generators.  Season 1 was broadcast on Sky One in 2020 with a second season titled COBRA: Cyberwar released in 2021, also on Sky One.  

In season 2 a sunken World War II warship explodes off the coast of Kent killing hundreds of people including a local MP, with rescue attempts hampered by a cyber attack. 

Season 3 entitled COBRA: Rebellion was released in 2023 on Sky Max, Sky Showcase and NOW and saw PM Robert Sutherland plunged into chaos when an environmental demonstration meets with grave consequences. 

Janet Kumah plays Dr Leslie Morris in Series 2 and 3 with Geoff McGivern playing Gerald Kenrick in Series 3.  

Voiceover Artists