60s+, Neutral, RP, Northern, Yorkshire, Liverpool, Multiple
Free Rein, Netflix
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Renowned for his versatility, comic timing and gift for characters, Geoff's most recent TV work includes reprising the role of Uncle Geoff in the second series of Channel 4’s 'Back', Barry in 'Semi-Detached' with Lee Mack and nosy neighbour Barclay Beg-Chetwynde in all 5 series of BBC1’s 'Ghosts'. In contrast he was the torturer in 'Cold Call' on Channel 5 with Sally Lindsay.  

In 2024 he played series regular Lord Rookwood in Apple TV's 'The Completely Made Up Adventures of Dick Turpin', which starred Noel Fielding in the lead role. In 2023 he guest starred as Sister Boniface's atheist Oxford professor father in UKTV's 'Sister Boniface Mysteries' and he also had a role in the third series of Sky Original political thriller series 'COBRA: Rebellion'. 

He played the Grandad in 3 series of 'Free Rein' for Netflix. He was the original Ford Prefect in 'The Hitch Hikers Guide to the Galaxy', broacast on BBC Radio 4 from 1978 right up to 2018, across 6 series. 

TV highlights, both comedy and straight drama, include 'Little Dorrit' & '15 Storeys High' for the BBC.  He played 'Trince' in two series of 'This is Jinsy' on Sky Atlantic as well as appearing in two series of ITV’s 'Grantchester' and three appearances in 'Toast of London' on C4.

Feature films include 'Onegin', 'The Young Americans' and 'The Ghoul'.  He also appeared in ITV's BAFTA nominated series 'Quiz' which tells the story of Major Charles Ingram and his wife who almost cheated their way to £1 million on Who Wants to Be a Millionaire. 

Selected Audio: Sony Gold Award Winner 'The Ape That Got Lucky' playing Prof. Austen Herring, 'What the Future' (30 parts!) both for BBC Sounds, and Digby in 'Dan Dare' for B7 Media.

Born in London to a Yorkshire Mum and Scottish Dad, he grew up in York. These three accents come most naturally to him, but he has a good ear for most UK & USA voices. He read English at Cambridge, so posh RP is also in his repertoire: dons, Prime Ministers and authority figures a speciality.

Geoff's native accent is Neutral/RP and he can draw on multiple accents and characters with little effort.

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The Completely Made Up Adventures of Dick Turpin (TV, 2024) – 'Lord Rookwood', Apple TV+
EastEnders (TV, 2024) – 'Gerald', BBC One/BBC iPlayer
Ghosts (TV, 2019-2023) – 'Barclay Beg-Chetwynde', BBC One, Series 1-5
Cobra (TV, 2023) – 'Gerald Kenrick', Sky Max/Sky Showcase/NOW TV, Series 3
A Matter of Life and Death (Radio, 2023) – 'Dr Frank Reeves', BBC Radio 4
The Sister Boniface Mysteries (TV, 2023) – 'Malise Bonham-Crane, Britbox/UKTV, Series 2
Back (TV, 2017-2021) – 'Geoff', Channel 4
The Larkins (TV, 2021) – 'Stationmaster Fox', ITV
Semi-detached (TV, 2020) – 'Barry', BBC Two
Quiz (TV, 2020) – 'Lieutenant Colonel Village', ITV
Stardust (Film, 2020) – 'Mr Jones', IFC Films
Hapless (TV, 2020) – 'Ronnie Green', My 5
Free Rein (TV, 2017-2019) – 'Frank', Netflix
This Time with Alan Partridge (TV, 2019) – 'Paul Froggatt', BBC One, Series One
Cold Call (TV, 2019) – 'Simon Zima', Channel 5
Endeavour (TV, 2018) – 'Lefty Townsend', ITV, Series 5
Hard Sun (TV, 2018) – 'Alan Beeny', BBC/Hulu
The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy (Radio, 1978-2018) – 'Ford Prefect', BBC Radio 4
Outlander (TV, 2017) – 'Dr Simms', Starz/Amazon, Series 3
Grantchester (TV, 2014-2016) – 'Archdeacon', ITV, Series 1 & 2
Quacks (TV, 2017) – 'Landlord', BBC Two
Decline and Fall (TV, 2017) – 'Mr Wilson', BBC One
SS-GB (TV, 2017) – 'Headmaster', BBC One
The Halycon (TV, 2017) – 'Lord Ambrose', ITV
The Ghoul (Film, 2016) – 'Morland', Ghoul Film
Brief Encounters (TV, 2016) – 'Donald', ITV
Upstart Crow (TV, 2016) – 'Sir Thomas', BBC Two, Series One
Plebs (TV, 2016) – 'Simeon', ITV2, Series 3
The Royals (TV, 2016) – 'Winston Moody', E!, Series 2
EastEnders (TV, 2016) – 'Dicky Ticker', BBC One
Toast of London (TV, 2012-2014) – 'Acker Herron/Norris Flipjack/Cliff Promise', Channel 4, Series 1 & 2
This is Jinsy (TV, 2011-2014) – 'Trince', Sky Atlantic
Little Dorritt (TV, 2008) – 'Rugg', BBC One
Onegin (Film, 1999) – 'Andrey Petrovitch', EFD
The Young Americans (Film, 1993) – 'Brian Carver', Polygram/Working Title/Rank Films

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