Plebs - Credits

Long running comedy series first broadcast on ITV2 about a group of 3 men, with comically modern dilemmas but set in Ancient Rome.  Received multiple BAFTA nominations, as well as winning Best New Comedy Programme at the British Comedy Awards in 2013 and best scripted comedy at the 2014 Royal Television Society Awards.  Ran for 5 series between 2013-2019. Starred Tom Rosenthal, Ryan Sampson and Joel Fry as 3 young residents of ancient Rome. 

Karl Theobald played their unscrupulous landlord.  Lydia Rose Bewley starred as Metella, who is a slave to Cynthia, an aspiring actress, who lives next door to them. Faye McKeever played Phoebe in Series 5. 

Voiceover Artists