Grantchester - Credits

ITV crime drama starring James Norton as a Cambridgeshire vicar who finds himself investigating a series of mysterious crimes in the little English village of Grantchester in the 1950s.  James Norton stepped down from the role after series 4, with Tom Brittney taking over as a new vicar from season 5.  Both work alongside Detective Inspector Geordie Keating played by Robson Green, forging an unlikely partnership to help solve crimes. 

Morven Christie starred in Series 1-3 as Amanda Hopkins, the long-time love interest of James Norton’s character. 

Maimie McCoy, Lorne MacFadyen, Geoff McGivern, Michelle Greenidge, Tom Christian, Sofia Oxenham and Narinder Samra have all appeared in the show, with Narinder having a recurring role in series 8, playing alcoholic ex-convict Keith Pruitt. 

Voiceover Artists