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In the interest of inclusivity, for now we’ve decided to reverse the alphabetic order of our artists. Feel free to flip the order if this is not helpful!

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Lydia West
Neutral, London, RP, British American
Robert Webb
Neutral, East Midlands
Micheal Ward
M.L.E., London, Jamaican, Caribbean, Neutral
Sharon Small
Scottish, Glaswegian, Northern, Neutral
John Simm
Neutral, Northern, Lancashire, Multiple
Claire Rushbrook
Neutral, Thames Estuary, Northern
Eva Pope
Northern, Lancashire, Neutral, RP, Multiple
Anjli Mohindra
Nottingham, Neutral, East Midlands, Indian, Pakistani, South Asian
Geoff McGivern
Neutral, RP, Northern, Yorkshire, Liverpool, Multiple
Evanna Lynch
Southern Irish, Dublin, Mid Atlantic, American
Rob Kazinsky
Neutral, RP, London, Cockney, Southern States American, Australian, British American, American
Josh Jones
Manchester, Northern
Karl Johnson
Welsh, Neutral, Multiple
Michelle Greenidge
London, Neutral, Northern, Jamaican, Nigerian, African, Caribbean
Sọpẹ́ Dìrísù
London, Neutral, M.L.E., West African, Nigerian, African
Laura Donnelly
Northern Irish, Belfast, Neutral, RP, Multiple, Scottish
Sacha Dhawan
Manchester, Northern, Indian, West Midlands, Birmingham, Wolverhampton, South Asian
Sophie Cookson
Neutral, RP
Tosin Cole
London, M.L.E., British American, American
Morven Christie
Glaswegian, Scottish, Neutral, Northern, RP, Manchester
Laura Checkley
Cockney, London, Multiple, Essex, Thames Estuary
Paul Chahidi
Neutral, RP, Palestinian/Israeli Arabic, Arabic
Lydia Rose Bewley
Neutral, RP, East Midlands