30s, Nottingham, Neutral, East Midlands, Indian, Pakistani, South Asian
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Anjli is known for her pivotal role as Nadia in BAFTA & Golden Globe winning BBC drama ‘Bodyguard’. She also starred in the 2021 Emmy winning BBC drama ‘Vigil’ opposite Suranne Jones, playing Lt Tiffany Docherty, the doctor on board a nuclear submarine which becomes the subject of a murder investigation. 

In 2024 she leads the cast in Alibi's chilling new crime drama 'The Red King', playing ostracised police sergeant Grace, who takes on the unsolved case of a missing teenager when she is posted to a remote Welsh island. The show is produced by the team behind Happy Valley. Also in 2024 she stars in 'The Years' a new play at London's Almeida Theatre, based on the critically acclaimed novel by Nobel Prize winning author Annie Ernaux. 

She had a leading role as the mysterious Archie, in Sky's sci-fi action thriller ‘The Lazarus Project’ by BAFTA award winning writer Joe Barton, also starring Pappa Essiedu, Caroline Quentin and Tom Burke. The show ran for 2 seasons, in 2022 and 2023. 

In 2022 she starred as DS Riya Devi, one of the lead detectives investigating the murder of a young woman in ITV's 'The Suspect' adapted from the novel by Michael Robotham, starring opposite Aidan Turner and Shaun Parkes. She also played Beatrice in Amazon Prime's blockbuster sci-fi drama series 'The Peripheral', based on the dystopian novel by William Gibson, from the creators of Westworld. 

Also in 2022 she starred in the Netflix period thriller 'Munich The Edge of War' in which she plays a British diplomatic secretary embroiled in the negotiations at the 1938 Munich conference. 

She had leading roles in ITV crime drama ‘Dark Heart’ and in ‘Wild Bill’ (also ITV) opposite Rob Lowe. She has had roles in the 12th series of ‘Doctor Who’ (2020), ‘Cucumber’ on Channel 4 and the BAFTA nominated movie ‘The Boy with the Topknot’.  She is also recognisable from her role playing Rani Chandra in the Doctor Who CBBC spin-off 'The Sarah-Jane Adventures', in which she played Sarah-Jane's protege for 4 series from 2008-2011.  She has recently reprised the role for a series of audio dramas centred around her character. 'Rani Takes on the World' was released in 2023. 

In May 2020, Mohindra wrote "People Under the Moon", a short film set during the COVID-19 pandemic lockdown.

Her native accent is British/East Midlands/Nottingham. She is fluent in both Punjabi and Hindi which she speaks regularly. She can also do an excellent Pakistani accent (as used in ‘Bodyguard’).

Age Range



Punjabi, Hindi


The Years (Theatre, 2024) – Almeida Theatre
The Red King (TV, 2024) – 'Grace Narayan', Alibi
The Lazarus Project (TV, 2022-2023) – 'Archie', Sky Max
Rani Takes on the World: Beyond Bannerman Road (Audio Drama, 2023) – 'Rani Chandra, Big Finish Productions
The Peripheral (TV, 2022) – 'Beatrice', Amazon Prime Video
The Suspect (TV, 2022) – 'DS Riya Devi', ITV
Munich The Edge of War (Film, 2022) – 'Joan', Netflix
Vigil (TV, 2021) – 'Lt Tiffany Docherty', BBC One/World Productions
Doctor Who (TV, 2020) – 'Queen Skithra', Season 12, BBC
Wild Bill (TV, 2019) – 'ACC Lydia Price', ITV
Noises Off (Garrick Theatre, 2019) (Theatre, 2019) – 'Poppy Norton Taylor', Garrick Theatre, London
Bodyguard (TV, 2018) – 'Nadia', BBC One/World Productions
Legends of Tomorrow (TV, 2018) – 'Charlie' (Guest Lead), The CW
The Boy with the Topknot (Film, 2017) – 'Bindi', BBC
Bancroft (TV, 2017) – 'Zaheera Kamara', ITV, Series One
Dark Heart (TV, 2016) – 'DC Josie Chancellor', ITV

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