Rani Takes on the World: Beyond Bannerman Road - Credits

Rani Chandra, played by Anjli Mohindra, was a teenage protégé of Doctor Who companion and investigative journalist Sarah Jane Smith.  Anjli originally played the role of Rani in four series of CBBC's 'The Sarah Jane Adventures' between 2008-2011.

In this new series of adventures we meet Rani years later, now with a successful journalistic career of her own and see her reunited with her best friend Clyde.  The audio drama series comprises 3 stories, 'Here Today', 'Destination: Wedding' and 'The Witching Tree' and are produced by Big Finish Productions.  There will be a second volume of stories entitled "Rani Takes on the World: The Revenge of Wormwood" which will be released in December 2023. 

Voiceover Artists