Vigil - Credits

Dramatic 2021 6-episode TV series on BBC One.  When a Scottish fishing boat disappears and there's a death on board the nuclear submarine 'Vigil', the investigating police force clash with the Navy and British Security services.  The hugely talented cast includes Suranne Jones, Rose Leslie and Martin Compston.  Lorne McFayden also starred as petty officer on board, Lt Matthew Doward, and Anjli Mohindra played Lt Tiffany Docherty, the on-board medic.  The show is produced by World Productions, who also produced hit BBC crime dramas 'Line of Duty' and 'Bodyguard'. 

Won Best Drama Series at the 2022 International Emmy Awards and also received a BAFTA nomination.

A second series ran in 2023, this time based at an RAF military base following a drone exercise that went wrong resulting in a number of deaths.  Suranne Jones and Rose Leslie reprised their roles from series one.  Jonathan Ajayi joined the cast playing Wes Harper, the technical lead on a high-tech drone development programme. 

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