The Lazarus Project starring Anjli Mohindra is available from tonight on Sky Max, Sky Box Sets and NOW

The Lazarus Project starring Anjli Mohindra is available from tonight on Sky Max, Sky Box Sets and NOW

One of the year's most highly anticipated thriller series, The Lazarus Project, premieres tonight at 9pm on Sky Max, and will also available from then on Sky Box Sets and NOW.  Anjli Mohindra stars in the show as Archie, an MI5 secret agent who recruits Pappa Essediu's character George into the secret organisation.  The Lazarus Project is a secret government team which has the power to turn back time when catastrophic events unfold in order to save the world from extinction.  

The series takes place in our world, but explores the idea of what might have happened if a time loop changed how events occurred. Anjli's character Archie is a sharp, sarcastic and witty character whose manner disguises the trauma she has experienced from watching horrific events occur over and over, with little she can do to change them. In fact at one point in the series Archie hints that the recent Coronavirus pandemic would have wiped out the world if a vaccine hadn't been created so quickly...which only happened due to the Lazarus Project going back in history to find a cure. 

In a recent interview Anjli talked about her character saying, "Archie has all the qualities you’d want in a best friend or mentor. She’s funny, smart, brave and a little bit self-deprecating. What really drew me to her was her staunch conviction in the idea of altruism. She truly believes it exists - but her relationship with that wavers over the course of the series…"

The series is written by acclaimed writer Joe Barton, best known for writing the BBC's critically-acclaimed series 'Girl/Haji'.   The stellar cast also includes Caroline Quentin as Wes, the boss of the organisation and Tom Burke as Rebrov, a criminal mastermind intent on destroying the world. 

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Anjli Mohindra is also known for starring roles in Bodyguard and Vigil.  She is available for voiceovers from Anthea Represents.  Click her image for her profile page and voiceover showreel. 

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