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Rob Kazinsky is a leading British film and television actor known for roles in a number of Hollywood blockbusters such as playing The Don in ‘Captain Marvel’ and Australian pilot Chuck Hansen in the BAFTA nominated sci-fi epic ‘Pacific Rim’ which was directed by Guillermo del Toro and starred Idris Elba. 

Most recently he can be seen as Perini in Netflix's 2022 action thriller ‘The Gray Man’ which starred Ryan Gosling.   He also starred in the 2019 award-winning horror film ‘The Assent’ as well as the romantic comedy ‘For Love or Money’ in the same year.  Other film credits include Netflix’s sci-fi drama film ‘Mute’, which starred Paul Rudd and Justin Theroux, the 2018 comedy film ‘Spivak’, and ‘Hot Pursuit’ in which he starred as Randy, the male lead opposite Reese Witherspoon.

Other major roles include starring as Orgrim Doomhammer in the action adventure film ‘Warcraft’, which is based on the video game series and also starred Dominic Cooper, and the George Lucas World War II epic ‘Red Tails’. 

He has an extensive list of TV credits which include the Fox drama series ‘Second Chance' in which he played the leading role of Jimmy Pritchard, a murdered ex-cop who is genetically brought back to life.  He also starred in the sixth season of the Emmy, BAFTA and Golden Globe nominated fantasy drama series ‘True Blood’, playing series regular Macklyn Warlow.  He is also known for his long-running role as TV bad guy Sean Slater in ‘Eastenders’, a role for which he won a Best Actor Award at the British Soap Awards and for starring as Caspar Rose in the long-running Sky One football drama ‘Dream Team’. He has also guest starred in the much loved TV series ‘Brothers and Sisters’ and ‘Law and Order: LA’. 

 He is the voice of Archon in the video game ‘Mass Effect: Andromeda’. 

Rob has a neutral accent and is accomplished in a wide range of accents due to his varied roles over the years, including Australian (Pacific Rim), American (Southern in True Blood, Texas in Hot Pursuit and Generic American in Second Chance) as well as various British accents including Scottish.  

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Ghosts of Beirut (TV, 2023) – 'Steve', Showtime
The Gray Man (Film, 2022) – 'Perini', Netflix
EastEnders (TV, 2006-2009, 2019, 2021) – 'Sean Slater', BBC One
Captain Marvel (Film, 2019) – 'The Don', Marvel Studios
The Assent (Film, 2019) – 'Joel Clarke', Boom Done Productions
For Love or Money (Film, 2019) – 'Mark', Goldfinch
Mute (Film, 2018) – 'Rob', Netflix
Spivak (Film, 2018) – 'Chuck', Netflix
Mass Effect: Andromeda (Game, 2017) – 'Archon', Electronic Arts
Second Chance (TV, 2016) – 'Jimmy Pritchard', Fox
Warcraft: The Beginning (Film, 2016) – 'Orgrim Doomhammer', Universal Pictures
Hot Pursuit (Film, 2015) – 'Randy', MGM
Pacific Rim (Film, 2013) – 'Chuck Hansen', Warner Bros
True Blood (TV, 2013) – 'Maklyn Warlow', HBO, Series 6
Brothers and Sisters (TV, 2011) – 'Dr Rick Appleton', ABC, Season 5
Dream Team (TV, 2005-2006) – 'Casper 'Cass' Rose', Sky One, Series 9

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