30s-40s age range

Browse voiceover artists with voices who fall into the 30s-40s age range

Jack Bennett
30s-40s, Worcestershire, West Midlands, Multiple, Welsh
Kieran Bew
30s-40s, Teesside, North East, Northern, Newcastle, Neutral
Stephen Campbell Moore
30s-40s, Neutral, RP
Laura Checkley
30s-40s, Cockney, London, Multiple, Essex, Thames Estuary
Morven Christie
30s-40s, Glaswegian, Scottish, Neutral, Northern, RP, Manchester
Sacha Dhawan
30s-40s, Manchester, Northern, Indian, West Midlands, Birmingham, Wolverhampton, South Asian
Sharon Duncan-Brewster
30s-40s, London, Cockney, M.L.E., Neutral, Trinidad & Tobago, Jamaican, Caribbean, British American
Rob Kazinsky
30s-40s, Neutral, RP, London, Cockney, Southern States American, Australian, British American, American
Janet Kumah
30s-40s, Neutral, London, Ghanaian, African
Maimie McCoy
30s-40s, Yorkshire, Teesside, Northern, Neutral
Faye McKeever
30s-40s, Manchester, Northern, Multiple
T'Nia Miller
30s-40s, Neutral, RP, London, Cockney, Jamaican, British American, Caribbean
Chiké Okonkwo
30s-40s, Neutral, London, British American, Nigerian, West African, Mid Atlantic, American, African
Miranda Raison
30s-40s, Neutral, RP, French, British American, Scottish, European
Charlotte Riley
30s-40s, Teesside, North East, RP, Neutral, Northern
Emmett J. Scanlan
30s-40s, Dublin, Southern Irish
Ella Smith
30s-40s, Neutral, RP, West Country, Welsh, British American, Multiple, Thames Estuary
Paddy Wallace
30s-40s, Northern, Cheshire, Lancashire, Multiple, British American
Gemma Whelan
30s-40s, Neutral, Leeds, Yorkshire, Northern, RP, Multiple