Bolsø Berdal

40s, Norwegian, Scandinavian
Paal Laukli
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Ingrid Bolsø Berdal is a multi-award-winning Norwegian actress who has starred in many hit TV shows and films both in her home country and worldwide. 

Major credits outside of Norway include starring in HBO’s Westworld, in which she played the leading role of ‘Armistice’ in Series 1 and 2.  She can also be seen in blockbuster films ‘Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters’, in which she played the Horned Witch, and ‘Hercules’, in which she played Atalanta.  Prior to that she starred in the action thriller film ‘Chernobyl Diaries’. 

In Norway she is known for a number of high profile TV shows including the 2023 hit crime drama series ‘Die Saat’ (The Seed) in which she played the female lead, Thea. The series won two major awards at the Monte Carlo Film & TV Festival 2023 - for ‘Best Creation’ as well as the prestigious 'Prix Public Betaseries' Audience Award. She also played the lead in the gripping Norwegian legal thriller series ‘Witch Hunt’, which was also released in the UK on All 4.  She won Best Actor in a Leading Role at the annual Norwegian Gullruten Awards (the Norwegian Emmys) for this performance. In late 2024 she will star in a new Norwegian drama series for Netflix, ‘La Palma’.

Other notable highlights include having a small role in the award-winning Norwegian fantasy drama series ‘Stardust’ which won Best Live Action Series at the prestigious worldwide Kidscreen Awards and in 2010 she played Sgt Angua in the BAFTA nominated Sky One 2-part drama series ‘Going Postal’, based on the fantasy novel by Terry Pratchett, which starred Charles Dance, John Suchet and Claire Foy. 

She has starred in a number of Norwegian films including the comedy film ‘Everybody Hates Johan’, a role which earned her a Best Supporting Actress nomination in Norway’s Amanda Awards, which take place at their annual International Film Festival. She had a role in the acclaimed independent film ‘Gritt’ which received a number of awards and nominations on the Independent Film circuit and she played the lead in the 2019 award-winning Norwegian thriller ‘The Spy’.

In 2006 she won a Best Actress ‘Amanda’ Award for her lead role in the sci-fi horror film ‘Cold Prey’.  She then went on to star in the sequel, Cold Prey 2, earning herself another Amanda Award nomination.  And in 2004 she won a prestigious Hedda Award for Most Promising Newcomer - this is the Norwegian Theatre Awards - given to her for her stage performances during that year

Ingrid speaks with a native Norwegian accent (she hails from Trøndelag in central Norway but also speaks with a standard Oslo dialect).  She can also do a good standard Danish or Swedish accent (not native).  She is used to performing with an American English or British English accent and can switch easily between her accents. She is fluent in Norwegian and is a talented singer.

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Showreel Videos

Documentary (in English): Munch, Ghosts and Lady Vampires (presenter & narrator - natural voice)
TV: as Armistice in Westworld
Norwegian clip: Playful video about childhood
Monologue in Norwegian: from the film "Adaptation" by Spike Jonze, Charlie Kaufman
Norwegian TV Series: as Ida Waage in Witch Hunt (Heksejakt)