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In the interest of inclusivity, for now we’ve decided to reverse the alphabetic order of our artists. Feel free to flip the order if this is not helpful!

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Paddy Wallace
Northern, Cheshire, Lancashire, Multiple, British American
John Simm
Neutral, Northern, Lancashire, Multiple
Chiké Okonkwo
Neutral, London, British American, Nigerian, West African, Mid Atlantic, American, African
Jorden Myrie
London, Derby, RP, Jamaican, Caribbean, East Midlands
Rob Kazinsky
Neutral, RP, London, Cockney, Southern States American, Australian, British American, American
Johnny Harris
South London, Cockney, London
Richard Brake
American, Southern States American, New York
Kieran Bew
Teesside, North East, Northern, Newcastle, Neutral, Northern Irish
Jack Bennett
Worcestershire, West Midlands, Multiple, Welsh
Jeppe Beck Laursen
Norwegian, Scandinavian, European