Fool Me Once - Credits

8-part Netflix series from crime writer Harlan Coben which was released in 2024 and starred Michelle Keegan as Maya Stern, a former army helicopter pilot whose husband Joe (played by Richard Armitage) is brutally murdered in front of her.  However, when she instals a "nanny-cam” in her home to ensure the safety of her daughter, she sees unthinkable footage that leads her to believe her husband might not be dead after all.

The high profile cast included Emmett J. Scanlan who played Maya's best friend and confidante Shaun Tessier, who served alongside her in the army.  James Northcote played Neil Burkett, Joe's younger brother who appears to be hiding some grave family secrets.  Joanna Lumley played his and Joe's mother, matriarch Judith Burkett who runs a pharmaceutical empire. Whilst Adeel Akhtar stars as Sami Kierce, the lead detective in the murder investigation, who also has secrets he wants to keep hidden. 

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