Further Than The Furthest Thing - Credits

2023 Young Vic production of the play by Scottish playwright Zinnie Harris which is set on a remote volcanic island in the Atlantic in 1961. It is described as an "award-winning modern classic...a story of a community haunted by its past and under threat from a modern world in crisis". 

Cyril Nri stars as the island's minister, Bill, who is one of the few islanders to have ever left the island. He left during the Second World War, bringing Christianity with him on his return.  The play portrays an island community, which has lived undisturbed for centuries, defying the tides of modernity and capitalism, but their way of life changes forever when one of the inhabitants brings an outsider to the island. 

The play is based on real events on the island of Tristan da Cunha and is inspired by the memories of Harris's mother who spent her much of her childhood on the island. The production was directed by Jennifer Tang. 

Voiceover Artists