Nina Gilligan: Late Developer - Credits

Nina Gilligan's 2022 stand-up show which premiered at the at the Leicester Comedy Festival to a sold-out room and then went on to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival to perform the show at Just the Tonic at the Tron.  The show was one of the Scotsman’s Picks of the Festival. 

The show description reads that Nina has "never hit a single milestone and at 50 is still trying to grasp the complex rules of womanhood. She knows she's not alone. As her eggs deplete and her body becomes hotter than earth's core she is certain only of one thing: she refuses to go on a cruise."

Audience comments from Twitter included,
"hilarious, had everyone in stitches the whole show. A seriously talented comedian, go see!!"
 "I love finding comedians I didn’t know before. Got handed a flyer by Nina Gilligan for her show & went. Genuinely laugh out loud
"A perfect hour of stand up. I cannot say enough great things about this funny lady. Everything you could want from an hour show and just really really funny" "Funny, northern female Nina Gilligan was our favourite from this year’s Fringe. Definitely worth a watch!"

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