The Castaways - Credits

2023 5-part drama series from Paramount Plus starring Céline Buckens and Sheridan Smith as sisters Erin and Lori who embark on a dream holiday to Fiji.  However Erin fails to board their short local flight following an argument at the airport and is subsequently horrified when she hears that the plane has crashed into the Pacific with Lori on board.  So begins a desperate hunt for survivors. 

The search is eventually called off but Erin refuses to give up hope. Then, months after the crash, Lori’s credit card is used in a corner shop in a remote village in Fiji and on the CCTV Erin recognises the plane’s pilot, back from the dead. She immediately heads back to Fiji to learn what really happened to her sister.

The series jumps back in time so we also see the story from Lori's perspective, seeing her struggle to survive alongside fellow passengers on a desert island in the mid-Pacific. 

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