When Winston Went to War with the Wireless - Credits

New play from celebrated writer Jack Thorne (His Dark Materials, Harry Potter and the Cursed Child, Enola Holmes) and shown at the Donmar Warehouse as part of their 30th birthday season in 2023. 

The play told the story of the battle between the then Chancellor of the Exchequer Winston Churchill and the legendary John Reith who ran the BBC during the 1920s.  When the trade unions shut down the country during the 1926 General Strike there only remained 2 sources of news, the Government run newspaper The British Gazette and the fiercely independent BBC.  What follows is a fierce battle for control of the news and who gets to define the truth.

Stephen Campbell Moore starred as John Reith, Director General of the BBC with Adrian Scarborough starring as Winston Churchill. 

Voiceover Artists