Amy Gledhill's debut solo Edinburgh show has received rave reviews from critics

Amy Gledhill's debut solo Edinburgh show has received rave reviews from critics

The Girl Before The Girl You Marry is Amy Gledhill's debut solo show at the Edinburgh Festival.  The show is all about her previous relationships in which she describes herself as "a human property developer", surveying and improving men before they run off to marry someone else. 

Critics are unanimous in their praise of the show in which Amy "showers us in love and laughter" (Why Now). 

Why Now goes on to give the show a 4-star review saying, "Given the show centres around Amy’s tribulations, it could quite easily fall into her being the brunt of the joke. But she hits on just the right note of self-deprecation that we all get to have a laugh".  

The Guardian has also given the show a 4-star review declaring that, "audiences will, I suspect, offer her a long-term commitment of their own after this solo debut, which could hardly be more endearing". 

Funny Women gives the show 5-stars saying, "Amy provides proper belly laughs. It’s a cliché to say, but she’s a comic of such natural ability that from the first few seconds she has the entire room entranced. It would be easy for her to sink into this, but as relaxed as she is, what really matters is that this show simply is an hour of very good jokes, well-paced and uproariously received".  Comedian Ed Gamble declared on Twitter that he saw Amy "absolutely decimate her audience today with a top to bottom stormer of show. F***ng brilliant". 

Amy is in high demand at this year's Festival as she is also appearing as part of the award winning comedy duo 'The Delightful Sausage' alongside Christopher Cantrill. The double act were nominated for Edinburgh Best in Show in 2019.  This year's show 'Nowt but Sea' sees Amy and Christopher deciding to hide from their problems on a remote island. As tensions flare and psyches fray, how will Yorkshire’s finest meat-themed duo survive?  Critic David Callaghan has declared the show as "utterly fabulous this year. Hilarious start to finish from a band of silliest of billies. Just pure joy. Beg, borrow, steal at ticket. Fantastic".  And reviewer Ash Williamson says "if commissioners were actually good at their jobs the whole country would know these two. I was all clammy and sore after watching them. Best show of the Fringe yet again". 

Get tickets for The Girl Before The Girl You Marry and for The Delightful Sausage. 

Yorkshire born Amy is available for voiceovers from Anthea Represents.  Click her image for her profile page and voiceover showreel. 

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