Belgravia: The Next Chapter - Credits

Sequel to Julian Fellowes 2020 ITV period drama series 'Belgravia' about the wealthy Trenchard family. 

The 8-part series aired in 2024 on MGM+ and was also written by Julian Fellowes. It was also set in the 19th century, but three decades after the first series, following the lives of some of the descendants of the original series.  It begins in 1871 and focuses on Frederick Trenchard, the third Lord Trenchard, and his love interest, the impoverished Clara Dunn, a newcomer to London society.  However despite a loving marriage, a family secret threatens to tear them apart.

Hannah Onslow starred as Clara's sister Emily, with Sophie Thompson playing their widowed mother Mrs Dunn. Tom Christian also had a small role playing a young Enright.

Voiceover Artists