Genesis Lynea stars in modern relationship drama 'You & Me' which is released on ITVX today

Genesis Lynea stars in modern relationship drama 'You & Me' which is released on ITVX today

'You & Me', described as a 'modern releationship drama', premieres on ITVX today, Thursday 23rd February.  The 3-part series follows the emotional roller-coaster ride of central character Ben across two separate timelines.  Ben (Harry Lawtey) is a young Northerner in London who finds his life changed forever when catastrophe strikes on the happiest day of his life. 

The show's synopsis calls it "more than just a love story, it is also a story about love … about finding love when you least expect it, about losing it, about parental and sibling love, about sex and friendship, about the difficult decisions we must all make in the name of love, and the often searingly painful cost of love."   The synopsis continues, "Told over two separate timelines across the three episodes,You & Me reveals, chapter by chapter, the tragedies that have shaped Ben, Emma and Jess. As the 'Then' gives way to the 'Now', a chance encounter leads their lives (and their loved ones) to collide but when they find themselves offered a second chance at love, will they take it or will the past hold them back?"

Genesis Lynea plays Dee, Ben's boss at the newspaper where he works, who is a guiding light for him throughout the story, despite his reluctance to listen to her advice. 

Watch the heart-wrenching trailer

The show is executive produced by Russell T. Davies (It's A Sin, Doctor Who).  

Genesis Lynea is available for voiceovers from Anthea Represents.  Click her image for her profile page and voiceover showreel. 

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