Richard Brake to star in the movie adaptation of the classic TV sitcom 'The Munsters'

Richard Brake to star in the movie adaptation of the classic TV sitcom 'The Munsters'

The latest film from Rob Zombie will be a big screen adaptation of the classic 1960s spooky TV sitcom 'The Munsters'.  The film, also called 'The Munsters' is due for release in 2022, but no formal release date has been announced yet. 

Character actor Richard Brake is a frequent collaborator with Rob Zombie and has appeared in a number of his previous films.  He is also know for playing The Chemist in 'Mandy," Joe Chill in 'Batman Begins', the Night King in 'Game of Thrones' and Valin Hess in season 2 of 'The Mandalorian'.

In 'The Munsters' he will play Dr. Henry Augustus Wolfgang who has been described as "Transylvania's most popular mad scientist".  Beyond that not much has been announced about his character but fans predict he might be some kind of Godfather figure to Eddie Munster, but plot details remain undercover for now.  Although Rob Zombie has said "for those of you speculating, wondering and assuming that The Munsters would be dirty, violent and nasty... well, you are wrong, the film is rated PG". 

Richard took to Instagram to say, "I've drank with Stormtroopers, killed Batman's parents, and popped into the Marvel Universe. But this!!!! This is a childhood dream come true. The Munsters!! So excited and grateful to be working with Rob, Sheri, Jeff and Dan on this kick ass film".

Watch the teaser trailer now. 

Richard Brake is available for voiceovers from Anthea Represents.  Click his image for his profile page and voiceover showreel. 

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