Sacha Dhawan stars as D.I. Honey in 'Wolf' which premieres on BBC One tonight at 9pm

Sacha Dhawan stars as D.I. Honey in 'Wolf' which premieres on BBC One tonight at 9pm

The BBC's highly anticipated and deeply disturbing crime drama 'Wolf' premieres on BBC One tonight at 9pm.  The 6-part series stars Sacha Dhawan as D.I. Honey who, along with his partner D.S. Molina (played by Iwan Rheon), arrives at the Welsh country house of the wealthy Anchor-Ferrers family to investigate some strange goings-on.  However it soon becomes clear that Honey & Molina aren't quite what they seem and suddenly the story turns very dark. 

Meanwhile D.I. Jack Caffery (Ukweli Roach) has his own demons and still hunts for the truth about the disappearance of his 10 year old brother when he was a child. When he returns to Wales to follow a lead the two narratives collide in a 'deliciously bloody, twisting race against time'.  

The thriller also stars Karl Johnson as Colonel Frink, the father of a murdered girl from a previous case which Jack starts to re-investigate.

The series contains multiple twists and keeps viewers guessing until the last minute, with Sacha revealing that "you're constantly going to have the rug pulled from under you, because it's not always what you think it is".

Sacha recently spoke about the role which is very different from any previous roles saying, "Maybe I'm a bit of a crazy actor – I just loved it [laughs]. I've rarely got to play characters like this. I think what I was so excited about is… You know, with my past work, I've played such a variety of characters, and I love being able to challenge myself and continue doing that."  

He went on to talk about how he wanted to create genuine fear on set saying, "it meant that the actors playing the Anchor-Ferrers family – I wanted them to be genuinely terrified. So for me, I wasn't Googling how to be a psychopath. I felt like what happens to a man when he feels completely repressed and powerless in society, and suddenly has been given the power and can do what he wants and then gets off on it – that suddenly felt dangerous to me."

The impressive cast also features Sian Reese-Williams, Juliet Stevenson and Owen Teale. 

The series will also be available in full on BBC iPlayer from tonight.  Watch the terrifying trailer. 

Sacha Dhawan and Karl Johnson are available for voiceovers from Anthea Represents.  Click their images for their profile pages and voiceover showreels. 

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