Sacha Dhawan stars in new Channel 4 crime drama Suspect

Sacha Dhawan stars in new Channel 4 crime drama Suspect

Sacha Dhawan plays Jaisal in the new Channel 4 crime drama series Suspect which premiered last night.  Another two episodes of the 8-part series will be shown tonight, two more tomorrow and the series will conclude on Wednesday night.  The show stars James Nesbitt as Danny, a veteran detective who is shocked to find the body of his estranged daughter Christina when he is asked to routinely identify a body at a mortuary.   He refuses to accept the verdict of suicide and over the course of 24 hours meets up with those who were closest to Christina.  Each episode is filmed as an intense head-to-head between Danny and each of the main characters. 

Sacha Dhawan stars in episode 4, which will be shown tonight at 9.30pm.  His character Jaisal is a corrupt former police officer who owns a club which Christina visited the night she died.  Jaisal helps piece together her final movements, and exposes some uncomfortable truths about the life she was living. 

In a recent interview Sacha talked about his character saying "as the conversation evolves between the two it becomes clear that there’s a side to Jaisal that Danny may have underestimated. He’s clever, he’s dangerous, he’s manipulative, and he knows exactly how to get what he wants."

He also talked about the unusual filming techniques used, "The episode is a conversation between two actors in one location. It’s shot for screen, but at the same time it also feels like you could be watching a piece of live theatre. It’s a format unlike anything I’ve ever worked on before. The performance becomes the sole focus with no tricks or clever edits, so there’s really nothing to hide behind, hence why the character prep beforehand was so vital."

The series boasts an impressive cast which also includes Richard E. Grant, Anne Marie Duff, Joely Richardson, Ben Miller and Sam Heughan. 

Watch the trailer and catch all episodes of the show on Channel 4 this week.  All episodes are also available now on All 4. 

Sacha Dhawan is available for voiceovers from Anthea Represents.  Click his image for his profile page and voiceover showreel. 

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