Midsomer Murders - Credits

Long running British crime drama series, which first broadcast on ITV in 1997, starring John Nettles as the veteran police chief DCI Tom Barnaby, leading the investigations into murders committed in villages around the fictional English county of Midsomer.  In 2011 Nettles retired from the role and the lead was taken over by Neil Dudgeon, playing DCI John Barnaby, the younger cousin of Tom. The show remains very popular and has been broadcast in over 200 countries internationally. Annabel Mullion played Lady Tara Butler in Series 9 (2006), Sharon Small played Ruth Cameron in Series 16 (2014), Sean Delaney played Sean Nevins in Series 18 (2016), Cyril Nri played Warwick Sowande in Series 19 (2016) and Maimie McCoy played Rowan Yarrow in Series 22 (2021). 

Voiceover Artists