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Máiréad Tyers is a vibrant young Irish actress who shot to fame in 2023 with her starring role in the popular Disney+ action comedy series ‘Extraordinary’, which is also now available on ITVX.  She plays the lead, Jen, a twenty-something in a world where everyone gets a superpower at the age of 18…except for her.  A second series of the show was broadcast in early 2024. 

Having graduated from RADA in 2020, she was spotted by Kenneth Branagh and cast in his Oscar, Golden Globe and BAFTA-winning film ‘Belfast’ in 2021. It told the story of Buddy, a young boy growing up in Belfast at the start of The Troubles in 1969.  Máiréad played his Auntie Eileen in the film which also starred Judi Dench, Caitríona Balfe, Jamie Dornan and Ciarán Hinds.

She will next be seen in the Amazon Prime series ‘My Lady Jane’, a historical reimagining of the life of Lady Jane Grey, in which she plays Jane's best friend.  The series stars Anna Chancellor, Rob Brydon, Jim Broadbent and Dominic Cooper. 

She had a starring role as Carol in the 2023 Sky Original action thriller film ‘Dead Shot’ and a small role as Orla in the 2022 ITVX teen drama ‘Tell Me Everything’.  She also appeared in the charming romantic comedy play ‘Changing the Sheets’, at both Dublin Fringe Festival in 2021, and Edinburgh Fringe Festival in 2022.

Máiréad is originally from Cork and has a native Southern Irish accent. She is highly versatile and can confidently work an array of regional accents; Neutral Dublin, working class Dublin, Midland Irish (Carlow), General Northern Irish (used in 'Dead Shot'), Belfast (used in 'Belfast'). Her Neutral English, RP, Glasgow, Edinburgh, Cockney and General American accents are all excellent too. Máiréad is confident in accents generally and these are not the extent of her ability but the accents she has received training for. Other accents she'd be comfortable with are Essex, Welsh, Liverpool and Manchester.

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Showreel Videos

TV: as Jen (lead) in Extraordinary (Disney+)
Trailer: Extraordinary Series 1 (as Jen)
Sky Original Film: Dead Shot (as Carol)
Interview: with Rob Brydon