20s age range

Browse voiceover artists with voices who fall into the 20s age range

Jonathan Ajayi
20s, London, M.L.E., Neutral, Jamaican, Nigerian, AAVE
Thom Ashley
20s, Cheshire, Manchester, Northern, Neutral
Dujonna Gift
20s, Neutral, London, British American, Caribbean, Jamaican
AK Golding
20s, Derby, East Midlands
Loreece Harrison
20s, Neutral, London, M.L.E.
Jerry Iwu
20s, Southern Irish, Dublin, M.L.E., Nigerian, Jamaican
Amy James- Kelly
20s, Northern, Lancashire, Manchester, Yorkshire, Neutral, Multiple
Evanna Lynch
20s, Southern Irish, Dublin, Mid Atlantic, American
Caleb Obediah
20s, Youth, London, Neutral, M.L.E.
Isabella Pappas
Youth, 20s, Neutral, RP, American, Mid Atlantic
Sharon Wanjohi
20s, London