40s-50s age range

Browse voiceover artists with voices who fall into the 40s-50s age range

In the interest of inclusivity, for now we’ve decided to reverse the alphabetic order of our artists. Feel free to flip the order if this is not helpful!

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Jeppe Beck Laursen
40s-50s, Norwegian, Scandinavian, European
Paul Chahidi
40s-50s, Neutral, RP, Palestinian/Israeli Arabic, Arabic
Johnny Harris
40s-50s, South London, Cockney, London
Claire Rushbrook
40s-50s, Neutral, Thames Estuary, Northern
Daniel Ryan
40s-50s, Cheshire, Northern, Lancashire, Multiple
Narinder Samra
40s-50s, West Midlands, Birmingham, Indian, Multiple, Northern, South Asian
John Simm
40s-50s, Neutral, Northern, Lancashire, Multiple