30s age range

Browse voiceover artists with voices who fall into the 30s age range

In the interest of inclusivity, for now we’ve decided to reverse the alphabetic order of our artists. Feel free to flip the order if this is not helpful!

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Lydia Rose Bewley
30s, Neutral, RP, East Midlands
Tom Christian
30s, London, Neutral, Liverpool, Multiple, Cockney, Northern, Thames Estuary
Laura Donnelly
30s, Northern Irish, Belfast, Neutral, RP, Multiple, Scottish
Rachel Fairburn
30s, Manchester, Welsh, Northern
Tom Forbes
30s, Neutral, South London, American, French
Carly Foxx
30s, Australian
Dinita Gohil
30s, Birmingham, Neutral, RP, Indian, South Asian, West Midlands
Mimî M. Khayisa
30s, Neutral, RP, South African
Lola-Rose Maxwell
30s, Neutral, London, South London, Multiple
Anjli Mohindra
30s, Nottingham, Neutral, East Midlands, Indian, Pakistani, South Asian
Sunil Patel
30s, Neutral
Ian Smith
30s, Yorkshire, Northern
Dominique Tipper
30s, London, M.L.E., Cockney, British American, Neutral, South African, African